Beer Class

Below are the available upcoming times for beer classes.

This is a hands-on brewing class for beginners. You and one partner will brew 5 gallons (48 bottles) of a beer together using our equipment. After the first session the beer will stay with us as it ferments. 3-4 weeks later you will schedule an appointment to come bottle your beer and take it home with you.

We require payment in advance for all of our classes because of the amount of work that goes into preparing for them. The cost of class is $125.00 per couple per 5 Gal batch, plus the cost of ingredients ($45-$65) Additional costs may include bottles, bottle caps, labels (optional), flavoring additions. You will be directed to our store for payment after booking your class.
Classes are held at 9030 S. Hermitage Ave. Chicago,IL

Descriptions of available beer options can be found here: Beer Descriptions